Canadian motorcycle racer killed in crash

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Thread: Canadian motorcycle racer killed in crash

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    Canadian motorcycle racer killed in crash

    I thought I would share this...sean, as amazing as he was.. was not from the gta.. but I am and he was one of the amazing people in the motorcycle community to welcome me when I moved to Alberta..

    Edmonton motorcycle racing association racer sean henderson passed in a terrible accident last Sunday. Sean was an absolute sweetheart, always smiling, laughing and offering support and help. He was a skilled racer and motorcycle instructor. The accident was a horrifying tragedy and in no way his fault. When he was taken away by ambulance we knew things didn't look good and shortly after got the news he was pronounced at hospital. As safe as race tracks are in comparison to the streets at 200+km/hr things can go bad quickly. It was his birthday the day before and talking with him that morning I know he was in great spirits. There is a GoFundMe page but I know you would likely have not known him and I'm not sharing this to get donations..but just so you can keep this fallen rider in your thoughts.

    Calgary man, 29, killed in racetrack crash south of Edmonton

    Sean had a passion for motorcycles. His friends in the EMRA, HardNoX, and his riding circle in Calgary would like to support his family in this terrible time. If you wish to donate to a gofundme here is the link: All funds will go to his family.

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    Re: Canadian motorcycle racer killed in crash

    RIP Sean
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    Re: Canadian motorcycle racer killed in crash

    godspeed rider.

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    Re: Canadian motorcycle racer killed in crash

    Terrible loss. Sorry.

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    Re: Canadian motorcycle racer killed in crash

    Very sad indeed. RIP Sean.
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    Re: Canadian motorcycle racer killed in crash


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    His wife to tools user the tree. You know, user the tree. To tools.


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