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    Hello from Mississauga

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    new to riding, got my M2 back in May and enjoyed riding these past few months... so far only put 1400km

    older rider (4 but happy to finally got my license and a motorcycle (wife finally approved )
    I did have M2 19 years ago - but other priorities came first - kids.

    found this his forum last night and found many topics very interesting, especially the insurance topics.

    hope to learn more from this forum.

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    Re: Hello from Mississauga

    Welcome to the zoo......

    your not the only older rider.....

    where about's are you in Mississauga.....

    what type of bike do you ride

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    Re: Hello from Mississauga

    Welcome... in sauga and new m2 as well. getting my sv650 this weekend..

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    Re: Hello from Mississauga

    My ride is Street Rod 750


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