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Thread: stiff neck while riding

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    Re: stiff neck while riding

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    I ride a V-Strom too.
    Swapped the stock bars out for Pro Taper ATV bars which are much nicer than stock bars, stronger, lighter, better looking, better for handling and less expensive.
    They also have a different sweep to them which makes them more comfortable for longer riding.

    I also swapped out the mirrors to Kawasaki Versys mirrors which are also much nicer, have a better wind profile, provide a wider field of view and less expensive.
    I used to have KTM Duke mirrors (below) which are very similar in profile to the Aprilia Tuono mirrors - both of which are popular as aftermarket changes to the Strom to improve the wind flow.

    Lastly, I swapped out the stock seat with a Corbin, which for for myself, places me in a slightly better position for all types of riding.

    All these things help me to ride for long stretches at a time with no pain.
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    Re: stiff neck while riding

    Stiff neck? Before you waste time on chiro's, you probably have a muscle imbalance somewhere. Echoing FLSTCyou can probably sort it out with some exercise and stretches.
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    Re: stiff neck while riding

    You may be putting a stress on your cervical vertebrae/discs by looking at your smartphone... Folks who sit at a desk all day looking down at their laptop screen are also at risk.

    One other remediation I didn't mention was that I use a monitor with my laptop and elevate it so I have better posture.


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