TANK SAtURDAYS! aug 11th show

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Thread: TANK SAtURDAYS! aug 11th show

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    TANK SAtURDAYS! aug 11th show

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    Oshawa - Ontario Regiment RCAC Regimental Museum

    For $10 I thought it was pretty cool on Aquino weekend.
    This weekend it's The Cold War, show starts about 1pm. It's a dusty field for the tank demos so plan accordingly.

    Sept 8, Oct 13 are also demo day dates.

    I believe these are primary volunteer led events. Go support them!

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    Re: TANK SAtURDAYS! aug 11th show

    Went to this last year.
    Was awesome to see them all up and actually running. Was very impressive.
    Paid to have the ride in the troop truck as well.
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