Forest fires/riding north and east

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Thread: Forest fires/riding north and east

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    Forest fires/riding north and east

    Hey all. I'm planning my next IBA ride and can't seem to find the information I need. I'm looking to head west to Guelph then North to Sudbury and then east past Pembrooke and then south to Ogdenburg. (rough outline of route). I can't seem to find current conditions regarding the fires up north/east and how they are affecting highway travel. I don't want to plan the ride if I'm going to get black lung from all the smoke. Anyone have a resource they can share so I can plan my ride/decide if I need to make other arrangements? Thanks.
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    Re: Forest fires/riding north and east

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    Re: Forest fires/riding north and east

    I was up that way not to long ago. The only part which had noticeable smoke was North of Parry Sound to Sudbury, mostly around French River, which that park is closed. At the time it wasn't heavy smoke but it catches you off guard. Once I got into Sudbury it was totally fine. I went west to Sault Ste Marie, which that route was completely fine. Going the other way not sure, there are other fires around North Bay I believe.
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    Re: Forest fires/riding north and east

    I live in North Bay and conditions are much better now than in the past few weeks. Air is clear here. 69 had intermittent closings in the past few weeks but I believe Parry Sound 33 fire is holding and not growing. All depends on wind direction if you'll be getting a lung full during your ride. If you want to play it safe take 11 north to North Bay and add some km's on the other end of your trip.

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    Re: Forest fires/riding north and east

    Was up last week, smoke at the time was noticeable but not apocalyptic on 69 (only a brief stretch too) on the way there, and on the way back there was no visible smoke at all. Area smelled like chipotle BBQ

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