Passing/filtering on the yellow line

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Thread: Passing/filtering on the yellow line

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    Passing/filtering on the yellow line

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    Rider down in Mississauga. Was coming up the yellow line trying to get past the traffic and hit a left turning car.

    This is the second time that I can think of off the top of my head that a rider has been critical injured (the other one I'm thinking of died actually RIP) by deciding to pass traffic on the left side.

    I hope the rider recovers but what are people thinking? If you're gonna be a rebel and filter, filter smart.
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    Re: Passing/filtering on the yellow line

    People you simply can Not make a lane where there is none, never could, never will.
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    Re: Passing/filtering on the yellow line

    Lane-splitting up the center line is commonplace and expected ... in Italy, where everyone does it and the car drivers expect it (and move over for you). You still have to apply common sense. Don't do it when someone else in the other direction is already there, don't do it when the oncoming traffic includes a bus that doesn't have space to move over, don't do it when there is an oncoming left-turner, etc.

    Here? Nope.

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    Re: Passing/filtering on the yellow line

    "A passenger from the car was transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries."

    How fast does a M/C have to be going to injure a person in a car?

    Is there a sense of exuberance when you pick the fast lane, legal or not, that makes it feel like you're winning?

    Like getting a breakaway in hockey you get pumped thinking you're invincible. Caution be damned you're going to win. Until.....

    GWS rider and come back wiser.

    Edit: After watching the news video.

    The driver of the car says he was making a left onto Balboa and was hit by the M/C riding on the yellow line. Was this lane splitting or a passing error?

    When passing I try to spend as little time on the oncoming lane as possible, therefore a little extra speed. Short of 400 series highways, driveways and side-roads aren't rare. Even if there's no reason for someone to turn, an inpatient driver could decide to make a U turn and try a different route.

    Left turns aren't always done slowly. A break in traffic or sudden realization and the driver swings it. Signals optional.
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    Re: Passing/filtering on the yellow line

    This is less filtering, and just an impatient *** who felt the urgent need to pass traffic because it apparently wasn't moving at the pace he decided it needed to be....and then paid the price.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    Sorry to be blunt, but the rider put himself directly in a scenario that put him at risk for exactly what happened, and then apparently decided to do it at a ridiculous speed on top of things.

    GWS rider, but if you get back on 2 wheels I hope you realize you're not invincible anymore.
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    Re: Passing/filtering on the yellow line

    ... you're just upset because it's going to impact your insurance premiums.

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    Re: Passing/filtering on the yellow line

    splitting on a land yacht wont go well.
    Just throw money at your problems.

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    Re: Passing/filtering on the yellow line

    Hard way to learn owning a 'Road King' doesn't mean you own the road.

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    Re: Passing/filtering on the yellow line

    that second rider will never be found
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