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    Motorcycle m2 licence

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    I did my m2 licence in like 2004-2005 witch should have expired already but a few months ago i looked at my licence class on my card and it still shows GM2. I have renewed my licence thinking it was only G class i think twice already. Would anyone know if thatís still expired or some glitch? Just to clarify the summer i was supposed to get my m licence it was at a time when the mto was on strike no one could do any licence and it was the last chance i had so maybe that has something to do with it. Any input would be appreciated.

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    Re: Motorcycle m2 licence

    If you want your full M, I would book a test and arrange a bike ASAP before someone figures out there are problems in your file.

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    Re: Motorcycle m2 licence

    Although, it may still show GM2, a quick check of the MTO database will indicate that your M2 has indeed expired. I expect if you show up at a Service Ontario looking to book a M road test, you will be advised it was indeed an error and you will have to start over as an M1 licencee.

    Civil servants, (or more correctly in Service Ontario, contracted employees), OFTEN make mistakes. Just because an error has occurred, doesn't mean it goes in your favor, (just like the banks if they screw up and deposit $1 million in your account you do NOT get to keep the money).

    If the funds, (or any part thereof), are missing when they attempt to recover it, one is subjected to a charge of theft, (over or under depends on if the amount missing exceeds $5,000 or

    Also, if your currently riding, and happened to get involved in a collision, and the insurer discovers your riding in essence without a valid licence they "could" refuse the claim. Now, at some point, some court "may" rule that it was an "honest error", but that would take YEARS, to straighten out, in which time you have been bankrupted, and destroyed financially.
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    Re: Motorcycle m2 licence

    As a test, OP can try booking a road test online at the mto website. It automatically prompts the license types that one is eligible to test for. I'd be curious to know if the system allows booking an M road test.

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    Re: Motorcycle m2 licence

    "Any input would be appreciated."

    If you were a newbie 13 years ago and haven't ridden since, I'd suggest re-doing the M1-M2 course would not be wasted dollars, hence the clerical error is academic.

    Not exactly the same story as yours, but my wife bought a used car at a dealership and they did the transfer and gave her the green registration slip. A year later she couldn't renew her sticker as it wasn't registered properly in the system, regardless of her having the printed green reg. slip. I suspect as noted above, similar thing will happen to you if you try to use the M2 status, i.e. you'll get told that it's not valid.


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