Best Adventure Motorcycle Jacket???

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Thread: Best Adventure Motorcycle Jacket???

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    Best Adventure Motorcycle Jacket???

    Hello guys,

    Thanks for accepting me in your group.
    I am a new rider and out in the market for an adventure motorcycle gear.
    I definitely don't want to spend a fortune. I saw Klim and some other brands such as Dainese Explorer, Revit Sand 3 and Siima Sibirsky Adventure.
    Currently i am between the last three as Klim is too expensive.
    What i really want from my gear is, first and foremost to protect me and then to be truly four season.

    Which of these would you recommend?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Best Adventure Motorcycle Jacket???

    My opinion is that there is no true four (or even three) season motorcycle wear.

    A suit that's good for withstanding freezing January sleet is going to leave you boiling in hot, sticky August. A waterproof suit for rainy days is not going to vent like a good mesh jacket when it's hot and dry. An all-season suit is a compromise for all seasons.

    If you don't want to buy specific gear for each season then look into layering.

    - a base mesh or breathable layer with abrasion resistance and armor lets you ride in extreme heat
    - waterproof shell that you can pull on when it rains, doubles as a windproof layer for cold weather
    - warm base layer for colder days or early mornings
    - electric liners for extremely cold days

    A lot of the newer materials pack down real small. My waterproof shell folds up into the palm of my hand.
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    Re: Best Adventure Motorcycle Jacket???

    Have a look at Aerostich, not cheap but not Klim priced.

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    Re: Best Adventure Motorcycle Jacket???

    How about Olympia AST jacket? What size are you?


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