Trapped in a cave.

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Thread: Trapped in a cave.

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    Trapped in a cave.

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    now, when it comes to Heroes, these divers are the true ones. Working tirelessly, trying to find a way.

    trapped for over a week, nobody knew what to expect.

    Going to be tough to get them out, but hoping for the best.

    Stories like these, really make my day. Glad they are "alright", and help is there.

    Will be watching closely as the rescue takes place no doubt over days (maybe longer?)

    edit: CNN has some good coverage.
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    Re: Trapped in a cave.

    Great, great news.
    When do you think they will make a movie?

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    Re: Trapped in a cave.

    wow...saw this a few days ago
    figured they were goners
    great news!


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