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Thread: Parts Upgrade on a Bike

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    Parts Upgrade on a Bike

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    I got a CB500X Recently, and in the future was thinking of doing the Rally Raid Level 3 Upgrade to it. The kit with import and all, can come to around $5-6K alone, it does not add any speed or make it more risky, just more adventure ready.

    How would insurance go about this, since they don't even like mufflers, and if the bike got stolen/damaged, it would be worth around $9-10k all together VS a regular stock 500X, can the re adjust that?


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    Re: Parts Upgrade on a Bike

    If you tell insurance about the addition, they can cover it (depending on the insurer). That being said, expect problems if you actually need to make a claim as both you and them will have trouble finding comparable bikes to determine fair value for your wrecked bike. You definitely won't get the full price of RR3 back, you'd get depreciated price (probably something like half the kit price).

    When selling your bike, expect to get more than a plain 500X, but I would be amazed if you got a few thousand more (and wouldn't be surprised if the gap was much smaller). Secondary buyers just don't value aftermarket parts as much as the original purchaser.

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    Re: Parts Upgrade on a Bike

    talk to ins co first
    let them know what you want to do
    see if they have any concerns

    if not, buy the kit and install it
    have it checked over by a mechanic
    have bike appraised with higher value
    pay more to have it insured at higher value

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    Re: Parts Upgrade on a Bike

    Thanks, if/when I have the funds to start deciding on the kit, i'll let them know first and see what they say. I wouldn't expect full value back, and if I ever decided to resell the bike I'd price fairly, if there are no takers, I'd take the kit of and sell it separately, I'm sure some other X owners would love it. Ultimately I'd love to just keep the bike and be satisfied, we know how that works as soon as a new one catches your eye

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    Re: Parts Upgrade on a Bike

    There is usually optional coverage for accessories for available, within limits. This is what the whole "value of bike? value of accessories?" question is about. I think $6K would be outside the scope of that coverage though. What you would have going for you is the cost of the kit is very straightforward.

    You DEFINITELY want to address this beforehand with a broker.
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    Re: Parts Upgrade on a Bike

    @TwistedKestrel I'll be calling my broker and Ins before making any decision on the kit, I just hope that changing the front wheel from a 17" to a 19" and raising the bike 2" wouldn't put them on edge.


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