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Thread: Cheapest safety course?

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    I went to Learning curves in Toronto in July, then booked my dad in for the Fall time. They had a discount for fall time, something like $50-80 off I believe, then gave some more discount for referring and booking my dad. Maybe that helps reduce it a little, and get a quality course, company, and instructors Mind you, this was 2 years ago...

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    Re: Cheapest safety course?

    Quote Originally Posted by matthewbennett View Post
    The safety courses I've seen are around $500 which seems quite expensive to me, so I am wondering if anybody knows what the actual cheapest option is for the GTA.
    The nature of motorcycle riding is such that you should be asking..."What's the best safety course?", not "What's the cheapest...".
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    Re: Cheapest safety course?

    Quote Originally Posted by CHRIS63 View Post
    No, and I don't have to.

    It's 2018, Google reviews are the only thing you should be looking at. I recently took a firearms course that was 1.5hrs away from me because it had 138 4.9/5 stars.
    "Google is bad at detecting fake local business reviews
    A researcher found a network of around 100 fake accounts leaving ludicrously positive reviews"


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