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Thread: Anyone interested in a James Bay Road trip?

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    Re: Anyone interested in a James Bay Road trip?

    Thanks for the info @jeff96

    Yeah if I could do it I would have 3 bikes. Cruiser, adventure, and a standard like a classic Honda from the 80's.

    @privatepilot I just need more experience but so far so good. Not worried so much about a few riding scars. Heck I still have last seasons bug splatter on the batwing. I haven't done anything as extreme as the picture posted but I put my bike where it will take me. Curious which tires are you riding on?
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    Re: Anyone interested in a James Bay Road trip?

    Quote Originally Posted by jeff96 View Post
    So many cool bikes to ride and only one lifetime in which to ride them.

    Like most reviews, some people love them and others hate them. I think I got better traction in gravel than I might have with other road tires, but it's difficult to know. I did hit deep standing water at 110 km/hr with no issues. (The water yanked my foot off the peg) They've worn well and are cheap

    My new/old Honda GL has a 16" rear wheel, so dual sport rear tires are out for this one. I'm thinking Kenda Cruisers on the back and a Kenda dual sport tire for the front.

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    When you said they had an aggresive thread pattern the K671 was not what I imagined. I run K270s on my KLR and really like them.

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    Re: Anyone interested in a James Bay Road trip?

    Quote Originally Posted by PrivatePilot View Post
    Riding even a big cruiser or touring bike like a Goldwing on gravel isn't the end of the world, it's all in understanding that despite behaving differently, it's not necessarily inherently unsafe so long as you have an appreciation for the different behaviours, and the different way you need to ride to manage them.

    I have ridden my VTX at 80KPH down gravel roads without a care in the world since I trust my bike and I know it's not going to do anything stupid unless I do something stupid to begin with. Yes, there's different levels of gravel, and if you get into a really loose mixture (IE, fresh construction zone pea gravel type crap) you need to manage that differently versus a packed gravel road that you'd traditionally see under normal conditions, but again, you manage that as it's thrown at you.

    I know a lot of riders (especially in the touring/cruiser crowd) can be scared (or even mortified) of riding in gravel, but like anything, it's a learned skill with a comfort level that can take some time to build. There are also some who are terrified that the gravel will kick up and scratch or damage their bike, which is a legitimate concern I suppose, but in my case...I don't care much - my bike is for my enjoyment, I'm not saving it for the next person, nor am I worried that a might get a little pit in the paint on a fender or something.

    Speaking of the whole "off roading" thing reminds me of bit of a crazy trip I took with a buddy in 2017, chasing listings in the "150 unusual things to see in Ontario" book. Rode basically 5000KM in 4 days and saw a ton of wild and cool stuff, but this "road" we rode down in a little town called Larder Lake (heading to a listing called "Ontarios Stonehenge" sticks in my memory. This is an actual photo of what we rode through.

    Now, the washouts and such were at the absolute limit of what my bike could physically manage as I was bottoming out and such...but we got it done. And my buddy was on a decked out Indian Chief, but like myself, he's not afraid of an adventure.

    Not far past this spot the road got too poor for our bikes - would have really needed an ADV at that point as we were talking several foot drops and pure loose sand and such. We ended up parking (we knew when to draw the line) and walked the last half K or so to the actual destination for our photos.
    his is exactly the kind of road the KLR likes. That said the KLR is also fun in the twisty bits too.

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    Re: Anyone interested in a James Bay Road trip?

    Keep this in mind when planning fuel for your JBR trip. On both trips we got poorer mileage than expected. Not sure why. It wasn't because we were speeding, we always do.

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    Re: Anyone interested in a James Bay Road trip?

    @timtune yes the Kenda cruiser is not aggressive by dual sport standards. It is by sport touring standards and about as good as I've found for a 16" rim. Duro has a dual sport tire that fits the back of the silverwing but not the front. And nothing in stock right now

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