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Thread: Liable for the sold bike in accident?

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    Re: Liable for the sold bike in accident?

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    Thanks, PrivatePilot, for the references that answer my question.
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    Re: Liable for the sold bike in accident?

    A few years ago, I sold my bike to this guy. It's a cbr125. He came with a buddy and a van. After paying in full and signing the sold as-is papers I wrote up he drove off with no plates. I thought he was going to put it in the van. A few days later I saw him zipping around town with no plates. I followed him to a plaza where he parked and he said he hasn't got time to go to the ministry to switch ownership and he will do it next day. A few days later I saw this bonehead again and followed him again until he parked. I checked the bike and he had printed out a paper copy of a fake plate out of bad quality inkjet printer. I called this up and warned him he's got until next day or I will report him to mto. I went to mto to check and and bike is still under my name. I presented the sold paper with his info and mto took bike off my responsibility and gave me a document. They said if he does decided to come in and change ownership he will have to answer to headquarters and not the mto locations as 7 days ownership term has passed.


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