M/C jack at Canadian Tire

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Thread: M/C jack at Canadian Tire

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    M/C jack at Canadian Tire

    On sale 15th to 21st, a recurring sale. Nor sure of price but I had the Goldwing (900 lbs) up on mine for a day or two for fork seals. Worked OK but I wish it had more fore / aft stability. Needs outriggers IMO.

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    Re: M/C jack at Canadian Tire

    any idea for how much?

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    Re: M/C jack at Canadian Tire

    Sign up for notifications at CTC and you can select that jack for when it goes on sale. I usually see $99 to $129.

    I have an older one that supports my vrod just fine. Balance and tie-straps are the key, especially if you're removing a wheel....
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    Re: M/C jack at Canadian Tire

    Princess Auto has couple on sale too.



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    Re: M/C jack at Canadian Tire

    I'm going to assume it's this one, http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/mo...1015p.html#srp

    Shameless plug, I have one for sale on this forum...
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    Re: M/C jack at Canadian Tire

    Wonder how sturdy these are

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    Re: M/C jack at Canadian Tire

    The jacks themselves are very sturdy. Before buying my current hydraulic stand, I used one often to lift my BMW. That bike offered a good flat oil pan as a base to rest on the stand, that's important. I also use some angle irons to extend the reach of the oil pan and make things stable. Lastly, I used tie-downs to secure the bike to the stand.
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