Fuel return line - 03 R6

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Thread: Fuel return line - 03 R6

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    Fuel return line - 03 R6

    I recently replaced my fuel pump on my 03 R6. After putting the tank back on the bike I noticed that there is a leak from the fuel return nipple. It appears itís slightly loose. I took the tank off immediatly after just to be safe.

    Question is whether this is normal and will automatically seal when Itís pressurized?


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    Re: Fuel return line - 03 R6

    Fuel leaks don't usually improve when you apply pressure to the fuel

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    Re: Fuel return line - 03 R6

    I'd agree with above.

    The hose may have degraded over time (it's 15 yrs old). Buy new rubbers!

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    Re: Fuel return line - 03 R6

    btw: 2003 is pretty new to be needing a new fuel pump, the pump uses the fuel for cooling, keep more fuel in the tank and don't let it run so low and your fuel pumps will last a lot longer.

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    Re: Fuel return line - 03 R6

    I'd kinda agree with you but I've owned a 03 r6 and always kept minimum fuel in tank as it has always been a race/tb.

    Every once in awhile the 03-05 R6 ends up with a pump that is a turd. It happens.

    Regardless this convo is not going to help OP with their issue, bottom line is rubber lines have prob degraded and need elasticity.


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