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Thread: Advice needed What to request in a disclosure

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    Re: Advice needed – What to request in a disclosure

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    I would like to know in the previous story what exactly the officer was reading that triggered the crown to seek a dismissa

    was over 10 years ago, will try to recall best I can
    disclosure to me was a copy of one page of LOE's notes
    had very little detail

    about a year after the traffic stop the trial took place
    LOE gave his evidence for the Crown
    time, place, weather conditions
    visibility, other traffic, device calibration
    extremely thorough summary listed off
    as he looked at whatever documentation was in front of him

    my turn, I asked him how much of this routine stop he recalled from a year prior
    he said it helped him recall if he had his notes in front of him

    I had jotted down each bit of evidence he had listed earlier
    and began to ask him if this evidence was from memory or from his notes
    get through each point until the last one: claimed to have tested the device twice that morning
    asked him if that was from his memory (which would be difficult to believe) or from his notes
    so he said that evidence was from his notes, there was nothing about this in my disclosure

    so I brought this up to the JP, he looked at the Crown
    Crown came over to see what I had, then to see what LEO had in front of him
    she made kind a grimace to the JP, JP looked back with a frown

    Crown announced dismissal, I thanked everyone got GTF outta there
    never did see what the officer was looking at, as he gave his evidence

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    Re: Advice needed What to request in a disclosure

    Quote Originally Posted by Evoex View Post
    I actually suggested nothing of the sort. It was a response to his previous post.

    Just sayin'
    Mea Culpa. Did not realize it was a reply.

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    Re: Advice needed What to request in a disclosure

    Quote Originally Posted by hedo2002 View Post
    ... BUT, only you can make an informed decision on your chances of winning, and your level of skill when it comes to court, (which most don't recognize as a pretty intimidating scenario. Most defendants, that I have seen who likely could have won their case, screw up, and end up sinking their own ship.
    This is a good point of this post. If this is your first time in traffic court, you should consider visiting some traffic court sessions before your trial. You really need to learn what pisses off JPs and the 'proper" way to present evidence and how to question the prosecution. Most first timers go down in flames as they are not familiar with the structured way of the court.


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