I know some people on here are using Furkot and many swear by it. Seems Google has massively increased the cost for their maps. Furkot will either have to look somewhere else or start charging if they want to keep on using as it by the way I see it.

A short time ago Google announced forthcoming changes to its map and related APIs that Furkot heavily relies upon. The most important change is a radical price increase: Google decided to raise the prices tenfold and decrease its free service quotas by 90%.
This is a work in progress. Expect updates as we make changes to Furkot features.

Until now Google's pricing policy made it possible for us to offer Furkot free of charge. The change in pricing means that we are expected to pay about 20 times more than before. Sadly, there is no way we can absorb that much of a cost increase. And since we want to continue offering free access to Furkot, we have no choice but to stop using Google mapping API at this time.
Furkot has been employing Google mapping API to implement the following features, all of which are either switching to a different provider, or are temporarily suspended:

We realize those changes may result in a decrease of Furkot functionality for some period of time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Rest assured we will continue to look for alternatives either using third party services or developing in-house solutions.