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    Re: Click Bait

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    Re: Click Bait

    Like everything in life, its all enjoyed in moderation and when used as tools, can actually be beneficial. Sadly, some get carried away with this stuff.

    For "me" there is some merit in visiting some of these networks rather than painting them all with the same tarnished brush.

    Twitter is great mainly for the latest breaking news, oh yeah, and seeing Trumps rants.

    Instagram has considerably increased the profile and presence of our business.

    YouTube, great for reviews, and How To Vid's.

    The rest, FB, Linked In, Snapchat, Tinder et all, are all dead to me.
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    Re: Click Bait

    Quote Originally Posted by jc100 View Post
    When was the last time you had a film clip posted on TV? It’s access....anyone and their aunt can post a clip to YouTube, not everyone gets a gazillion views but then again what’s now the cut off for views for being a “YouTube star” since the term is bandied about so easily? I honestly don’t care for movie stars either but I care for a couple of idiots doing tasteless pranks or millenal focussed self obsessed bollocks even less.’s all ******** but YouTube appears to be a bigger repository.
    I can agree with that, I don't watch **** heads doing stupid things, I only watch a couple of really good dirt riders and a couple trail riders on your tube so I guess I have a better opinion of those guys

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