OBD2 scanners

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    OBD2 scanners

    Looking to buy one for home use - any suggestions ?

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    Re: OBD2 scanners

    $5 Bluetooth adapter from eBay (build quality can be questionable, may take more than one)
    Torque/Torque Pro for Android or equivalent for iOS

    Does everything your average $100-400 handheld scanner will do, maybe not quite as easy to use
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    Re: OBD2 scanners

    I have both a ghetto bluetooth adapter with Torque and a VAGCOM. Without a doubt the VC is better, but Torque does 90% of what VC does for 1% of the money (or even less than 1% if you don't have a laptop that can be used).

    Read lots of reviews for the bluetooth adaptors, some are more cooperative than others. Normally it takes a few tries to get my bluetooth adaptor connected to the car and phone. On the upside, I just leave it in the car so it's always available.


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