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    Glove maintenance

    Anyone hand wash their leather gloves in Woolite?
    I just got a new pair of gloves and that's what they recommend, every six months, more frequently with daily use.
    They also recommend that rotating through two pairs, helps them last more than twice as long.
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    Re: Glove maintenance

    Yes, I fill up a bathroom sink, add a bit of Woolite (maybe something like 1/5 of a capful), and wear the gloves and dip and wash like I'm washing my hands. If the gloves are dark, you probably want to wear rubber gloves because dye will come off. The gloves I wash this way are a tan/natural colour, so the dye does get on my hands, but the colour isn't way off my natural tone. The leather is a little stiff afterwards, but they get worked in when riding and regain their suppleness.


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