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    Quote Originally Posted by LePhillou View Post
    Let one of those water-filled trucks in front of me at the on-ramp...
    Be careful! If it's a 'honey wagon' you may not want to be behind it for any length of time...

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    Re: Good deed

    Quote Originally Posted by FLSTC View Post
    Cycle Shack slip-ons (I think they went out of business) - and the gauntlets were from GP Bikes.
    Ah ya, I think you posted the gloves in my thread. I picked up a pair from re-gear, but still on the look out.

    BTW your fans may still want you to ride downtown anyway
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    Re: Good deed

    Quote Originally Posted by Riceburner View Post
    It's not about expecting gratitude. It's more about common manners....which seem to be uncommon these days.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ashtonator View Post
    I'm with you. I often let people in and i've noticed that as the years go by, less and less people wave.
    You dont do it for the thanks but it's good to see people being mutually respectful and courteous!
    This and this.

    I usually wave or if it is nighttime, I do what the truckers do and put my 4 ways on for a second.

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    Originally Posted by inreb

    His wife to tools user the tree. You know, user the tree. To tools.


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