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    Review on Oxford sport heated grips

    Gear- Oxford Heated Grips (Universal)

    Install difficulty - Childs play

    Install time - 30 to 40 minutes

    Rating - 10/10

    Price - $120

    Comments -
    As most of you know, Canada can be quite the ***** when it comes to weather.
    I recently purchased a set of Oxford Heated Grips for my GSXR600, and couldn't be happier with them. I'm a new rider and have been trying to get out on my bike ever since getting my first bike back in September of 2017. So far, I've ridden every month, and have just had to deal with the cold weather by bundling up. It's worked fairly well, except I always found my hands getting frozen after the shortest of rides, even after purchasing winter gloves, the sharp cold air just cuts right through them, causing my fingertips to go numb.
    After looking up battery powered heated gloves and weighing out the fact that a decent pair of heated gloves are around $300, I decided to look elsewhere.

    I'm sure most of you have heard about heated grips, or heated wrap arounds for your current grips. Well, I purchased a set of Oxford heated grips from Fortnine (Link at the bottom), and it's made my riding in the cold weather so much more enjoyable.
    The installation was quick and easy, simply cut away your old grips, sand down the bare handlebar if necessary, then superglue the handlebar and fit the grips on. After that, it's simply running the wires back to your battery and you're set. The grips come with a 5 setting controller, and I can tell you right now, you probably won't ever have to have it on 100% heat. I had it on 100% heat for today to test them out, and even with my thick leather gloves on, I still had to turn down the heat because it was too hot on my hand even with gloves on. It also comes with a 'battery saver' which turns the grips off after you shut your bike off, in case you forget to turn them off yourself.

    The only negative thing I can really say about these are that you should buy a thing of super glue, because the super glue it comes with in the package is very cheap and I broke the bond after setting the grips up the first time.

    If you have any questions about the grips, I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability.

    Link to the grips-

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    Re: Review on Oxford sport heated grips

    You can also get snowmobile grip heaters for around $20-50. They come with adhesive pads or shrink wrap...that you put your stock grips over. Would advise to not connect direct to your battery, in case you forget to turn them off. I spliced mine into my front signals because they turn on only when the key is turned on.

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    Re: Review on Oxford sport heated grips

    The Oxford grips are nice because they can pull up to 4 amps, which is double what my last set of snowmobile-style warmers could do.

    The drawback of the Oxfords is that they use a rigid plastic inner sleeve which expands and contracts at a different rate than the metal bar, so the glue breaks loose easily on the clutch side. The throttle side is fine, but I've had to use JB Weld and a setscrew to keep the clutch side from rotating on two of my bikes.
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    Re: Review on Oxford sport heated grips

    I have them on my bike
    heat function works great

    but I find them hard as F
    every vibe from the bike is transmitted
    gonna look for something with some cushion
    of just regular grips and get heated gloves

    the kit I have does not auto turn off
    ended up installing an aux fuse block
    that is powered up by a relay that switches when the key is on
    but I have more aux stuff besides just the grips

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    Re: Review on Oxford sport heated grips

    Safety wire the grips and you’ll have no problems,did this with my passenger side. Love the Oxford heated grip.

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    Re: Review on Oxford sport heated grips

    I have heated grips with the grip puppies on top...I can still feel the heat through the grip puppies as you compress the foam quite a bit....this is for anyone wondering about vibration issues.

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    Re: Review on Oxford sport heated grips

    Quote Originally Posted by JavaFan View Post
    I have them on my bike heat function works great but I find them hard as F...
    Yup. Uncomfortably hard on the hands, but I live with it. Good product otherwise.

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    Re: Review on Oxford sport heated grips

    I have a set of the "touring" model grips with the auto-off feature, exact same size as my OE grips so no trimming required. I didn't think the auto-off would actually work, so I monitored the current draw during the shut down procedure. Once they shut off, the draw was less than the ECU draws while asleep (think a couple of micro-amps). Colour me impressed. I still run mine off a relay (because the powered tank bag is relay activated too), but they actually do what they say they do, which is a pleasant surprise nowadays.

    Yes they are hard. Yes the supplied glue sucks. I have had good success with either a spray glue (Wurth or 3M) or a Threebond product called GripLock.


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