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Thread: Riding trails with ice tires?

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    Re: Riding trails with ice tires?

    Quote Originally Posted by Owen View Post
    Thanks! I think i'll just wait until the parks open in the spring if I can't get on the ice again this winter. Looks like stuff will start melting soon.

    I'll be away this weekend otherwise I'd check that event out.

    Where do they actually ride on that property? From photos of previous years, it looks like a big field beside the 401? Is this isn't a regular place to go riding or just a one time deal for the event?
    Not a regular riding spot afaik. Just a yearly event. It goes from the grass track into the woods and back out. It's a fairly short lap.
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    Re: Riding trails with ice tires?

    Only open during the events.The single track in the woods is VERY tight and technical.
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    Re: Riding trails with ice tires?

    Quote Originally Posted by blackcamaro View Post
    I didn't go to last years so any info I have is stolen from Wingboy and his thread. You're right it is in a field grass track type of set up but I believe there is an optional trail loop through the woods on the property there. It isn't normally a riding area but the same group also put on a Grand Prix de mud in the summer. It's a bit of a long shot right now but if I end up going this weekend I'll report back for future reference.

    Boyoboy, I'm sure there's spots here and there but I don't know of any crown land up north that I'd be pointing people in that direction to go ride. If you know of any I'm all ears more so for the summer months if I'm ever up that way at a cottage or whatever. This time of year I would probably rather just ride a sled.
    There are many trails just north of n.bay, off of hwy 63 - that are crown land and not managed. for the summer if you go to little McDougle lake campground (off hwy 63 on Mconnel lake road) ~ 40 minutes from n.bay + logging road in) there are some good trails/logging roads; you can even ride in and out of the campsite on your bikes, including atv's. Decent fishing with a beautiful sand beach for swimming. No drinking water and has outhouse only facilities. facility is run by contractor and has maybe 30 spots at most-Ive never seen it full. You need a green plate. some people leave their trailers for the season -$600. inexpensive, about $15-$20 night regardless how many people..day use is free if you are just looking to fish/swim/picnic on the beach.
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