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Thread: Who else hates electric bikes ?

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    Re: Who else hates electric bikes ?

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    I would think the problem with getting hit by an e-bike , uninsured, if your had to sue in civil court , what is there to get? I'm guesssing the pot is pretty empty on most of these cases.

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    Re: Who else hates electric bikes ?

    Quote Originally Posted by mimico_polak View Post
    My commute is 40km one way and I would love a proper e-bike that I can use electricity on the way to work, and pedal on the way home so I don't get stupidly sweaty. However what I need costs about 3k or so which I can't justify right now. If I could find something reliable that would do the trick for less than 2 I'd be a very happy camper.

    I like the one posted earlier and am interested in learning more about them. I've seen kits for regular bikes which I would consider. Basically I can get to work, bring it into the office, charge during the day, and come back home.
    Quote Originally Posted by ungoloth View Post
    One would think the cost of these things would be reasonable by now. Ebikes are everywhere so they are obviously selling like hot cakes, thus the production costs should reflect the price. It would be great to get an electric mountain bike-like unit for a reasonable cost. A little something to bomb around on without pulling ninja out of the garage eh. I'm getting too old to peddle a bike up a hill now-a-days... Happy apexes.
    Exactly my thoughts.

    However, it seems like it seems like many bigger (Non-China based) brand e-bikes have trouble keeping up with the demand, thus the 2.5k+ price point. A lot of their stores online show that many of their models aren't "in stock" or are "unavailable".
    I'm sure there are some decent eBike manufacturers in China, however, I doubt they're pedal bikes.

    Hope one of these can be had for ~$1-$2k after taxes in the near future.

    Kind of disappointed a lot of manufacturers are leaning more towards the motorcycle look-a-likes... Basically using the fact that you don't need insurance or a license as a selling point.
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    Re: Who else hates electric bikes ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Renboy View Post
    I actually think they have a place and given their speed limitations should definitely NOT require insurance. Usain Bolt can run at 44km/h, should his shoes require insurance?
    All jokes aside, I firmly believe they are the vehicle of last resort for dui offenders, but the offenders need to get to work in the morning somehow. Better on an ebike than at home on social assistance. Can they damage your car if the potentially drunk rider hits it? Sure can, at 32 km/h, you're not just going to buff that out. Would a drunk on a bicycle do damage, you bet they will. Obviously not as much because the mass is much lower, but you're potentially not buffing that out either. Would I rather a drunk hit me doing 32 on an ebike than 60 in the car they're driving illegally and uninsured? Damn straight. Not to mention, on an ebike the drunk is much more likely to get injured than in a car. We'll refer to that as poetic justice.

    Furthermore, a friend of mine had a stroke a little while back, and although his wasn't horrifically bad like some, he did end up with tunnel vision and lost all his peripheral vision. Thus, at the age of 55 he now has to depend on his wife to drive him everywhere as he was stripped of his licence (was a motorcycle rider too). I think he's a prime candidate for someone that should get an ebike. It's slow enough that he can spend more time turning his head to make up for his lost vision, but fast enough to get him around his small town conveniently.

    Lastly, insurance....really? Everyone on this site is overpaying for insurance, and does complain about it and start threads asking where to get cheaper insurance. Then to turn around and try to force it on others is pretty f*****g hypocritical.
    Do you pay alot for your crack? or do you have a good connection?

    You think ebikes are perfect for drunks and people with vision problems? That has to be the crack talking, or pure troll, can't figure it out yet.

    I guess you skipped the whole 'driving is a privilege, not a right' talk. The jist is basically, you ****** up, and you get to take the fu**ing bus. Honestly if somebody has a dui problem, how they get to work after they get caught is their own damn problem. And I really do not want anybody with a medical DQ sharing the road with me either.
    Quote Originally Posted by Renboy View Post
    I firmly believe in this case insurance should be optional, either you get sued, or you pay insurance so the insurance company pays. Leaving you with a choice.
    A choice to sue them for what exactly?
    Quote Originally Posted by Renboy View Post
    I fully admit I don't know the legislation regarding ebikes, but I imagine they're not supposed to be on sidewalks (like adult bicycles), why aren't those rules enforced more strictly?
    Because they have zero accountability, which you'e cool with, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jc100 View Post
    Hmm...if criminals are just going to go ahead and ignore laws can you explain why we have them?

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    Re: Who else hates electric bikes ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Renboy View Post
    I firmly believe in this case insurance should be optional, either you get sued, or you pay insurance so the insurance company pays. Leaving you with a choice. Why should all motorcycle riders have to pay insurance because someone's acting like a moron? f.
    Get the picture or do you have some vested interest in the E-bike world and want car and M/C owners to keep picking up everyone else's tab.

    If there is no risk then the premiums should be zero. Right?

    Better still, let the E-bike advocates create their own free insurance plan, agreeing to pay all damages. You say there's no risk. Right?

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    Re: Who else hates electric bikes ?

    The cost is close enough to zero as to be negligible. I'd estimate our additional cost on our insurance due to e-bikes to be less than $1 per year. With 24 million registered road vehicles in Canada, that would add up to $24 million a year in premiums for damage from e-bikes. There's no way they could cause that much damage across the whole country in a year.

    The risk they represent to insurers is probably on par with the risk from shopping carts. Should shopping carts be insured?
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    Re: Who else hates electric bikes ?

    Just saw one zipping through a school zone doing about 70. He had to slow down for traffic at a red light, so he zipped across the road, up onto the sidewalk, and through the gate into the schoolyard. Interesting mode of transportation. Dangerous for others, but interesting nevertheless.
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