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    bike insurance

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    Hello all! my name is wil. im new to the bike world. just baught a 2006 honda cbr600rr.
    why is it so damn hard to get insurance for this thing?
    i was quoted over 300$ per month, and thats with taking the weekend safety course, and having a clean driving record for 30 years.
    ive only had my m2 for a couple months ,,,does anyone have any suggestions on cheaper insurance? or do i simply have to go and purchase one of those retractable lisc plates?!! lol just kidding,,,, but seriously 300per month is just insanity.
    thanks a concerned new rider....

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    Re: bike insurance

    Quote Originally Posted by wolfmansworld View Post
    just baught a 2006 honda cbr600rr.

    ive only had my m2 for a couple months
    either pay the insurance rates (which will all be insanely high) or sell the bike and get something smaller.

    probably should have checked rates before buying.

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    Re: bike insurance

    get your M asap
    that and if you go your first year no claims/tickets
    will go down at renewal
    you get no credit towards bike rating for having safely driven a car
    will be a few years until it comes down to anything reasonable

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    Re: bike insurance

    300 a month for a new rider on a 600rr is a great rate. Most new riders are looking at $4000+ (and often ++) yearly if they want their first street bike to be a supersport.

    As others have said, it will likely come down to 3 options
    a)pay 300 a month and enjoy riding your bike
    b)use your bike on a track (the money you save on insurance pays for track days)
    c)sell your bike and buy one that insurance doesn't hate and get rates closer to $100 a month for the first year.

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    Re: bike insurance

    Here we go again.

    OP: You've done the motorcycle equivalent of buying a racing Corvette as your first ever car, so it should be no surprise that it's not cheap to insure. Previous non-motorcycle insurance and license history means nothing for the world of motorcycles, only your driving record.

    And yes, $300/month is quite a good rate in your situation.

    If you want less, sell the bike and buy something other than a supersport for your first bike.

    BTW Javafan, full M makes little difference in cost. Only years of safe riding do.

    Cardinal rule with motorcycles: Call for insurance quote BEFORE buying anything.
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    Re: bike insurance

    WOW... When will people learn...

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    Re: bike insurance

    IF you can find someone willing to insure you for $300 a month, and you're prepare to pay that, enact the policy before they change your mind.

    As a new rider on an SS, that's about as good as it gets.

    That being said, you can probably find a naked bike with a few less HP and get coverage all day long for $100-125/month

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    Re: bike insurance

    Get a CBR 300.

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    Re: bike insurance

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    Re: bike insurance

    Hey wolfmansworld. I am the insurance forum sponsor for GTAMC. Here is a link to my page on this site:

    Feel free to email/call me for insurance on your bike.


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