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    500 - Internal Server Error

    Anyone know why I keep getting this error when trying to post a thread in track days/track riding?

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    Re: 500 - Internal Server Error

    I get that a lot when my post is too long or contains too many pictures.

    Breaking up your posts into two or three separate parts helps.

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    Re: 500 - Internal Server Error

    Got the same error, maybe in the same thread. Short post, no pics.

    Weird thing is someone else managed to post afterwards, so I thought it was just me.
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    Re: 500 - Internal Server Error

    I've gotten it more than once with just typed text before. Cut and paste tiny sections of text to see where the problem was. It was just a normal sentence with no /?| or anything else that might get interpreted improperly.

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    Re: 500 - Internal Server Error

    Try turning off the WYSIWYG text editor - I seem to remember experiencing this issue in the past when the forum refused to parse (for some unidentified reason) some strings of text it couldn't handle in WYSIWYG that the regular old text editor doesn't care about.

    I switched some time back during the issues with something else and have never got a server error since.
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