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Thread: big guys ,which harley?

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    Re: big guys ,which harley?

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    Price check, 8 grand in the right ballpark for this bike with the extras I got? Pipes, bars, brand new forward controls, windshield, stock bits, extra chrome
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    Re: big guys ,which harley?

    I'd blow $8k on a softail in good shape. Sure. Is it a deal? I think so. Is it steal? Maybe not.

    Just as long as you like it and ride it.

    I just rode my Sportster from St Kitts to Ottawa today.

    Probably would have preferred a Softail or something touring for the 401.

    But, the Sportster did just find with a Sena headset and hooked up to my phone. Just a shame I'm squaring the rear tire. Lol.

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