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Meh. I know many middle aged newbs who went straight to a victory or harley. None spent any time on a virago 250 or even a vstar 650. They went straight for the top because 650s are for "chicks".
Key being "Middle age". Insurance is much more favourable to older riders, even inexperienced older riders. Inexperienced older riders in the cruiser segment, well, it's actually quite cheap - when I came back to riding my first year on a 1300CC cruiser was only $500/year and for all intents and purposes I was a brand new motorcyclist in the eyes of my insurer. I could have insured a HD for not much more.

But I'm not talking about the older crowd, I'm talking about the under 30 crowd, especially the under 25 crowd. They do seem to want their cake, and east it too. Yeah, insurance sucks here, I'm not making apologies for that, but a 21 year old rider CAN insure a 250 beginner bike for a drastic amount less than our OP is paying for an R6, so when we hear the moaning from some about it, well, I struggle to be sympathetic when it's a desire to be cool driving the decision, not a desire to actually be able to afford it for a 1 year term.

God help the ones who think they can just pay that $400-$500/month for the summer and then cancel in the fall - many don't seem to fully grasp how motorcycle insurance works and will get a shocking surprise.