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Thread: Northern Roads Conditions v. 2017

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    Re: Northern Roads Conditions v. 2017

    The Bunny Trail is in great condition.

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    Re: Northern Roads Conditions v. 2017

    Wow.. what a great thread.. thanks for all the info, will definitely be keeping tabs on this thread.

    I remember about 5-6yrs ago when Southwood recently got a fresh coat of asphalt with no line dividers put down and it was a nice warm for a ride, I recalled that road being so sticky after it heated up mid-day it was like riding on rails - it would make you look like a motogp star. Such a great road to ride up to Bala Bay Inn minus the sand that was creeping up the edges on the side of the road.

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    Re: Northern Roads Conditions v. 2017

    Hit the Bunny Trail on Sun from 520, first 3-4kms are torn up and a couple mins after the pavement started, a dog tried taking me out.
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    Re: Northern Roads Conditions v. 2017

    So... how's the roads up north right now? Messy?
    Saturday looks nice so I am hoping I can slip away for a jaunt up through Algonquin.
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