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Thread: Any GTAM'ers own an electric vehicle?

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    Re: Any GTAM'ers own an electric vehicle?

    Quote Originally Posted by GreyGhost View Post
    I don't want this thread to go too far off track, but if you grab two 120 legs on the same phase, a resistive load would see 0 volts (as both legs would rise and fall together)..
    Ah yes, of course....I'm forgetting the part about phases - that the waveforms are opposite each other coming out of the transformer on the street. You are indeed correct. I guess in the end the "Y cord into 2 separate 120v plugs" thing (to make a 240v circuit) would indeed require you find 120v plugs that are on different phases in the house.

    Quote Originally Posted by slowbird View Post
    I met up with a dude in the A.M. after work to buy some wheels off him. He had a Volt too and had lightweight OZ's on them until he got a Gen 2 Volt and the Bolt pattern changed. He was saying he would regularly get over 80kms on EV. That's quite awesome.
    Our Volt came with a set of Touren TR9's on it with proper LRR's...which I guess might have something to do with my followup below.

    Quote Originally Posted by LBV View Post
    The best I've seen is 79 km on my car ... the lightweight wheels must be good for a few km's then.
    So, we have the <2013 with the slightly smaller battery with the 10.3KWH usable capacity vs the 10.8KWH on the 2013's and up. Just for the record.

    Today I drove the car for the first decent length drive. The car was not quite fully charged when we left for the second drive of the day (we had depleted it this morning going somewhere else and didn't have quite enough time to get a full charge), but I think it was at about 95% as the guessometer was showing 55KM and the charge display was estimating the charge would have been complete in about 15 more minutes.

    We got on the 401 and away we went. I will preface things by saying that I got in behind a semi (at a reasonable and safe distance, but probably in the draft, you can see it off in the distance in the photo below actually), set the cruise, and got 67KM before it switched to ICE. I'm confident had I had a full charge I could have made 70KM. I was impressed - had the wife snap this photo just as it switched, hence still 0.0L gas consumed.

    So, I reset the second trip odometer at this point so that I could get a decent readout on ICE fuel consumption alone, without the battery mixed in. I'm pretty impressed with the results (5.3L/100KM over basically 200KM of ICE only driving) which beat the (cough, cough) Civic Hybrid by 0.6L/100KM (So I saved about 1.2L in gas on this trip alone vs the Honda), the Accord Hybrid by 0.3L/100KM (so I would have saved 0.6L vs the Honda on this trip alone), and in the end I was firmly in Prius territory. This is just on gas alone, not taking into consideration the EV boost at the beginning of the trip...more on that below.

    Now, mix in the EV miles with the trip (which totalled 265KM) and I achieved 3.9L/100KM which destroys every Hybrid option out there.

    Overall (Photo below), here's the entire day - 362 total KM, 111.7 on electricity, and 244.5KM on gas. Total mixed consumption = 3.66L/100KM.

    Hybrids can suck it.
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