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Thread: Mitchell and Whale insurance brokers

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    Re: Mitchell and Whale insurance brokers

    We just zoomed past a really cool mile stone and have helped over 1000 riders find great new insurance this year!

    Finding great motorcycle insurance has been a challenge experienced personally by a few of our staff and we decided to take on the challenge of being the best place to get motorcycle insurance in the province head on.

    It’s been really awesome to see how happy our customers are after they talk to us. A lot of the time we hear they’ve been calling 5 or 6 other places before they meet us and we find them a solution in less than 10 minutes.
    As a brokerage, we aren’t an insurance company, we work for our customers and get them insurance through companies that don’t work directly with the public. There’s no one magic company that is right for every rider, so unlike direct writers who only have access to 1 set of rates, or most brokers who have 2 or 3 different companies, we have over 10 companies that we work with for motorcycle insurance.

    We know every insurance company has its own target market, some companies will do sport bikes, some won’t, while other companies will do an M1 rider while other ones will only take experienced riders. We know some riders only have a motorcycle and don’t have a home or auto to bring with them so we made sure we have companies that will do standalone motorcycle. For the riders who want to bring over their home and auto we have companies that will offer 40% off your motorcycle insurance if you bring everything over.

    Big thank you to everyone on GTAmotorcycle for sending tons of customer’s our way and we will continue to find riders awesome insurance!
    Enjoy the rest of the riding season!

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    Re: Mitchell and Whale insurance brokers

    Will gladly give these folks a strong recommendation. My Intact policy had gone from 1100 to 2100.
    Some of this was my fault - 2 minor speeding on me now, anyway they found me comparable coverage
    with Echelon for 900 less, and the switchover could not have been easier: whole thing done via email.
    Great service.

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    Re: Mitchell and Whale insurance brokers

    @ JavaFan.
    Awesome! Really happy we were able to save you $900 on your insurance. That's a lot of gas money! Enjoy the rest of the summer and we're really happy to have you on board!
    Thanks again for the positive feed back.

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    Re: Mitchell and Whale insurance brokers

    Great news for experienced riders!
    We’ve been working really hard with our insurance partners to find great motorcycle rates for all riders both new and experienced. We have really great news for riders that have a clean record and have been licensed for 6 or more years.
    Wawanesa, has increased their Multiline discount to 50% when you have both your home and auto insured with them.
    You can also save 40% by just doing your motorcycle and auto together if you don't need home insurance.
    Not only can you get your motorcycle insurance for half price, but you can also insure a sport bike under 1000 cc with them.
    Feel free to give us a call at 855 643 4392 and we'll check if a Wawanesa bundle with your home and auto makes sense for you.

    p.s. We still have great options for new riders so anyone looking to get riding before winter comes, we'll be happy to help you out as well!
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    Re: Mitchell and Whale insurance brokers

    I spoke with you guys when my renewal came up but I wasn't able to get a letter of experience in time to switch over from my current broker.

    Do I have to wait until my renewal before I can switch to Mitch*Whal insurance?

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    Re: Mitchell and Whale insurance brokers

    @ slowbird. You can cancel and switch companies at any time. The math all depends on when your policy started. Motorcycle policies are priced based on the riding season, so how much you owe your current company will be based on how much of the riding season your policy was in force for. If it started in the spring you probably want to wait until renewal as most of the riding season has been used.
    For some rough math I've included the earned premium chart used by most companies. If your policy were to start on April 1st for example and you were to cancel at the end of September you would have earned 90% of your policy premium.
    That means if you were to cancel today you would owe a total of 90% of your total annual premium to your current company minus how much you've paid them so far. If you paid your full premium at once you would get 10% refunded. If you were on monthly payments, you would subtract how much you paid with your monthly payments from the total amount owing for how much you would still have to pay your current company.

    Month Earned Premium
    January Nil
    February Nil
    March 5%
    April 10%
    May 10%
    June 20%
    July 20%
    August 20%
    September 10%
    October 5%
    November Nil
    December Nil


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