We just zoomed past a really cool mile stone and have helped over 1000 riders find great new insurance this year!

Finding great motorcycle insurance has been a challenge experienced personally by a few of our staff and we decided to take on the challenge of being the best place to get motorcycle insurance in the province head on.

It’s been really awesome to see how happy our customers are after they talk to us. A lot of the time we hear they’ve been calling 5 or 6 other places before they meet us and we find them a solution in less than 10 minutes.
As a brokerage, we aren’t an insurance company, we work for our customers and get them insurance through companies that don’t work directly with the public. There’s no one magic company that is right for every rider, so unlike direct writers who only have access to 1 set of rates, or most brokers who have 2 or 3 different companies, we have over 10 companies that we work with for motorcycle insurance.

We know every insurance company has its own target market, some companies will do sport bikes, some won’t, while other companies will do an M1 rider while other ones will only take experienced riders. We know some riders only have a motorcycle and don’t have a home or auto to bring with them so we made sure we have companies that will do standalone motorcycle. For the riders who want to bring over their home and auto we have companies that will offer 40% off your motorcycle insurance if you bring everything over.

Big thank you to everyone on GTAmotorcycle for sending tons of customer’s our way and we will continue to find riders awesome insurance!
Enjoy the rest of the riding season!