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Thread: What's for dinner?

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    Re: What's for dinner?

    Long weekend at Algonquin -

    The seafood ragout starts out with frying some shallots and garlic.

    Tomato paste, diced tomatoes/juice, fish, mussels, clams(in shell), shrimp, scallops. With the cauldron over the camp fire, this is somewhat of a performance art show...

    A campfire smoker box

    Smallmouth bass fresh from the lake.

    Wild mushrooms (brought these home, not part of the meal plan this year)

    Some Stoli for toasts

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    Re: What's for dinner?

    @FLSTC , I'd camp next to you just to mooch for leftovers

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    Re: What's for dinner?

    Quote Originally Posted by bishop View Post
    The curry looks pretty authentic! Nicely done!

    I am regretting not taking the Instant pot my friend offered to me as he had to 2.
    Thx! The curry was great! Tastes very authentic too . I was very happy to find that Caribbean chicken roti is not hard to do.

    The IP is most definitely worth it; it has far exceeded my expectations. Check black friday deals for great prices. It's been fun posting my IP successes here. It's the real deal.

    Another recent cook here. Click the picture to see the zoomed in goodness.

    Grilled marinated and double basted bbq sauce chicken wings and drumettes. Used a national bbq competition award winning sauce, Misty Mountain. Finger licking good.

    Full size chicken drumsticks with olive oil and a rub of greek seasoning plus oregano and basil. Lovely.

    I'm already making more dishes with my recent pickup of curry spice. Cast iron skillet curry roasted garden potatoes and onions.

    Here's a served plate with the accompanying side of fresh garden vegetables; cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and diced onion in a high end olive oil with some balsamic vinaigrette, salt and pepper.

    Cheers and have a great weekend!
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    Re: What's for dinner?

    This thread needs a "like" button.
    Amazing looking food everyone.

    I've just been grilling up regular stuff recently (steaks, sausage, chicken thighs) so nothing noteworthy to share.

    I did make a decent pasta dish using rigatoni, hot sausage meat taken out of the casing, rapini, garlic, olive oil, mushrooms, hot chilis, and anchovies.

    Smelled, and tasted too good so we ate it before I got a pic if it.
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    Re: What's for dinner?


    Another cook here myself. And a quick step by step.

    Take one pork tenderloin and flatten. (I thought I did it well this time).

    Here I am cooking a buttermilk pancake with blueberries and pecans in an oversized cast iron skillet.

    Here's the finished pancake on the flattened pork tenderloin.

    Here's the raw pork tenderloin now rolled up and stuffed, then tied. I then rolled it in maple syrup for an outside glaze and put the tenderloin on the grill.

    Here's the pork tenderloin after grilling on the weber summit. A quick direct sear and then a lower and slower indirect cook. Looks great.

    I put on a touch more maple syrup while the pork tenderloin cooled down for 5 minutes. Here's the finished tenderloin cut and served.
    A buttermilk blueberry pecan pancake stuffed pork tenderloin with maple syrup glaze.

    I've done another version of this pork tenderloin where I started with raw batter on the flattened pork tenderloin rather than a cooked pancake. It's posted earlier in this thread too. Stuffing (rolling) the raw batter version was messy (I had also applied maple syrup on the raw batter), but I think the cook was a little more moist. Each version has its merits imo.

    Here's my side cook, cast iron skillet dill roasted garden potatoes. Oh so good.
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    Re: What's for dinner?

    A few more recent dishes.

    Another stuffed pork tenderloin, this time with homemade raspberry jam, diced apple and stuffing (as in bird-style stuffing). Awesome.

    There are no sacred cows in my food prep. Caesar salad, but with the garden producing well, I added some garden onions and cherry tomatoes, plus a yellow pepper from the fridge that needed to be used. Tasty!

    Montreal smoked meat sandwich with homemade donair sauce, garden onions and garden cold pickled pickles on a toasted bun. Excellent.

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    Re: What's for dinner?

    Chicken drumettes and wings with greek seasoning (scratch-made from an internet recipe) and grilled on the weber summit. Came out awesome.

    Garden cast iron skillet curry roasted potatoes again.


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    Re: What's for dinner?

    Another new cook for me. I really enjoy a seafood bake so I tried it myself. Very easy and fast.

    Mixed seafood bake in a white wine and light cream base with spaghetti and linguini. Really good


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