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Thread: Are you old enough to remember these motorcycle shops in To?

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    Re: The sticker on the back of my GT750...

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    My Brampton Cycle story is very similar but with a different ending.

    Two of my racing buddies and I drove up to Brampton Cycle with cash in hand to buy three new motorcycles. My one friend and I both wanted the brand new Ducati 916. Our other friend wanted an inline four like a GSXR 750R or a ZX 7R.
    We got there early and had to wait until they opened the doors.
    Just to the right inside the door up on a display stand was the Holy Grail, a new, race red 916. The two of us wandered around looking for a salesman while our other buddy went in search of his next ride. Nearly half an hour and not one person would talk to us. Finally I got a girl from parts to point out who we should talk to. She yelled the guy’s name and he put down his newspaper and said; “What do you want?”
    Me: My friend and I would like some info on the 916.
    Him: See that rack of magazines over there? Pick one; they have everything you need to know.
    Me: NO, they do not!
    Him: Sure they do…
    Me: I’ve read everything that is in print and I still have a few questions.
    Him: Like what?
    Me: Like how much, how many do you have and when can we take delivery?
    Him: If you have to ask YOU can’t afford it!
    And with that he picked up his paper and went back to reading.
    By this time our buddy had returned and said they didn’t have anything he was interested in. So I said very loudly; if these azzhatz don’t want our money I’m sure we can find a dealer who does! And we left.
    Buddy #1 bought a new Mazda and a used FZ750.
    Buddy #2 bought Steve Crevier’s brand new, never used, 1 year old back up ZX 7R out from under me after I told him I was thinking of buying it.
    So I picked up a sweet US model RC30.
    Now fast forward several years to the January bike show. I cornered the then Canadian Sales Rep for Ducati North America and gave him an ear full of how we had been treated. Not only had they lost two 916 sales that day but that neither of us would likely ever want to own a Ducati if that’s the way they treat their customers. Next day he and Kim, then the sales manager, showed up at our booth and asked to speak to me. Kim gave me a very long and I believe heartfelt apology for that day. He further stated that he’d do whatever it took to make it right. I know a lot of people who have nothing good to say about Brampton Cycle and I was one of them for many years. However, Kim was good to his word and I bought my 1998 900 SS FE from them, (well sort of, it’s a long story). Whenever he’d see the wife or me he’d stop what he was doing to greet us in person. If he didn’t tend to us himself then he’d make sure someone acted as our personal assistant. Plus, he always gave us a break on the prices and the taxes. Tom, the owner, was also just as nice to us. I do not know what was said but I expect that Ducati laid down the law with them over our treatment.
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    Re: The sticker on the back of my GT750...

    They lost Ducati. They lost Triumph. I don't know if it was over attitude or payment.

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    Re: Are you old enough to remember these motorcycle shops in To?

    Quote Originally Posted by adv_round View Post
    Zdeno in the junction...
    There's still a faded Zdeno sign up at St Clair and Jane on a used car dealership. Pass it almost every day. Confused me because I thought they were based out of KW (never been there myself) and growing up there were two faded Zdeno signs in Guelph I used to see almost daily as well. Both within a km on different shops on Elizabeth Street. Pass them on the way in from Rockwood. Bought a used car from one of those places. Think it's just a limo service now.
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