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    Re: Getting passed illegally

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    Quote Originally Posted by GixxerL2 View Post

    I first thought he was going to turn right at the traffic light but instead he almost cut me off from the right. I pulled up next to it and saw middle aged chinese guy driving the Lexus. I figured he probably just came from China and not familiar with the blocking position we have here. After this incident I realised that I never saw motorcycle blocking position mentioned anywhere in the Driver's Handbook.
    Lol, I'm still trying to deduce how you can be so sure he was chinese & from china? You should work for Border services I'm sure they can make use of someone with that talent.

    Yeh he was a ******** for cutting you off

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    Re: Getting passed illegally

    Should of sped upland slapped her mirror so it folded back around, kick your heel through the driver window and then book it before she gets your plate number while still in shock. Wtf is her problem if you where doing 80 in a 80 I say fight back


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