Suggestions for paint on chopper

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Thread: Suggestions for paint on chopper

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    Suggestions for paint on chopper

    I jumped into a custom chopper build and am finally nearing completion. I am still trying to decide on what colour/style i am going to paint it. I am not going to be keeping the chopper, as soon as it is finished it will be on kijiji. I jumped into the build and need to get my money (most of it) back to put down towards a new place to call home.

    that is the bike that I have built mine off of, it is 95% the same as the chopper in the link above. The only difference is that mine has a black frame, black swing arm (soft tail) and black springer front end. I need this motorcycle painted to sell!! Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

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    Re: Suggestions for paint on chopper
    It's the coolest colour and the best seller...easy. The other colours reduce the marketability to sell.
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    Re: Suggestions for paint on chopper

    So it's going to look like a crossbones edition except maybe the wheels. Because there's not a lot of chrome you'd probably be best to do it in black (matte?) or a single colour. Also you could look at the crossbones edition paint options. Did you consider putting it up for sale now and letting the buyer choose the colour?

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    Re: Suggestions for paint on chopper

    Colour and style is a very personal choice. But since you have asked I say metal flake anything. Cool looking bike
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    Re: Suggestions for paint on chopper

    You can anever go wrong with classic black, there is nothing like a nice clean black paint job, and they always sell well for us.
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    Re: Suggestions for paint on chopper

    I think i am going to have it painted black, i'm not sure about the matte black but that is a solid option as well. I have never really been a fan of the metal flaking, and if i'm going to build it to sell i think that would bring the bike into a much smaller market for buyers. I haven't thought about selling the bike unpainted, although i am leaning towards painting it black, just to be simple. thanks again for the replies


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