Scenic route for Toronto to Montreal?

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Thread: Scenic route for Toronto to Montreal?

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    Scenic route for Toronto to Montreal?

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    Long weekend is coming up, thinking about making a trip to Montreal. Definitely don't want to sit on the 401 the whole time.. any good routes? I'm sure this topic has been beat to death but the thread that popped up on Google was deleted with the other posts.

    Also, any other good destinations for 5-6 hours one way? Open to pretty much anything.

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    Re: Scenic route for Toronto to Montreal?

    Take a detour from Kingston to the calabogie area through the lanark highlands ....definitely worth the extra time...get to Kingston through prince Edward county, stop in Picton for food then catch the free ferry to the loyalist parkway to Kingston. Or from TO head to highway 7 and detour south at arnprior or anywhere near renfrew to get to the lanark highlands. After you play there you can head back north cross into Quebec and take the road along the Ottawa river to Montreal. Quite a few options but I can't help too much for the best roads between TO and calabogie but anywhere east or north of Kingston I can.

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    Re: Scenic route for Toronto to Montreal?

    If you don't mind making your trip about 2 hours longer, take 35North to 118, 118 > 28 > 41 to Renfrew, then take 417 through ottawa to Montreal.
    Ive taken this route many times, well worth the detour. Amazing scenery and roads.
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    Re: Scenic route for Toronto to Montreal?

    This is a bike route with good twisties. If you're just looking for scenic then you can shorten it up a bit.

    If you want it a bit shorter you can skip Barry's Bay and take 28 > 41
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