Transcontinental ride (July 1, 2011)

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    My friend Jesse and I are riding transcontinental starting July 1 and planning to cover some 12,000Km in 20 or so days through US and Canada. The rough plan is to ride to west coast, down to LA and back with a lot of interesting detours and stops in between. You can follow our little adventure through the blog at Everyone is welcome to subscribe and comment. I will not be following this thread or replying to posts here until we come back.

    2011/07/22: I'm back and sorting things out. Will post one day at the time based on the blog, but with much more details and pictures. Stay tuned.

    2011/07/30: This thread has been given an alias for easier access by non-members of this forum. It's (no www. prefix). If you want more pictures than could reasonably fit in this report, they are at

    2011/10/25: A couple of pictures just to interest people to scroll down for more:

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